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Creation of custom bobblehead

1. Check your order detail.

After placing an order on our website, we will send you an email for order confirmation. Our customer service team will check the detail for your order. If the information you supply during purchasing is good to go, then the order will be handed to our sculptor and start sculpture.

2. Send the proofs to you.

Sculptors will carefully check the request for the bobblehead and every detail would be figure out. Then they begin to sculpture with their professional skills and versatility. Once finishing sculpture on each step, we will send you the proof for verification.

* Features proof
When our artists complete the sculpture of the face for the bobblehead, we will take a photo of it and send to you the proof via email. If you think it unconformable for the features and your photo, we will convey your proposal to our sculptors and they will fix it as per your request. If the face of the bobblehead is good to go, our artist will bake to have it hardened and fixed.

* Hair proof
In this step, we need to add hair to the hardened face. Some customers would like to replace the hair with a hat or a crown. After accomplishment, the proof would be send again like previously state. We will bake the head again to make sure it's constant and can not be deformed.

* Body proof
At this stage, the bobblehead seems to be almost finished because our talented sculptors has already complete the crucial steps that previously mentioned. It would be much more easier to processing the bobblehead in future work. Empirically speaking, few customer proposed modification for the proof of the body model.

process steps