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Most Frequently Asked Questions

We meet a lot of similar type of questions from our customers and we’d like to list the answers below for your reference. Following we have listed the most frequent asked questions to assist you to figure out the problem you encounter. If you can not get a satisfied answer here, please feel free to contact us. Our customer service representative will help you figure it out.


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Q: What’s the size of the bobblehead?
A: All the standard bobbleheads sizes are between 6.5 and 7.5 inches. As all the bobbleheads are custom made and 100% hand craft, slight size tolerance will be considered as allowance. If you like to make your bobblehead in bigger or smaller sized, just feel free to let us know, we will exclusively make the custom size bobblehead for you.
Q: What’s the weight of the bobblehead?
A: The specific weight of the bobblehead depends on the type of the bobbleheads, single or double bobbleheads. Beside, the accessories like car or motor will affects the weight. Basically, the net weight of a single bobblehead is about 350 g  and a couple bobblehead is about 700 g.
Q: What’s is the bobblehead made of?
A: We use high quality polymer clay, a type of nontoxic, polychrome and transformable material which can make your bobblehead very vivid and alive-looking.
Q: Does the head bobble?
A: Yes, all the bobbleheads are assumed have their heads bobbling. Unlike other suppliers who charge extra fee for a bobbling head, we make all the heads bobbling for free.
Q: What’s the turn around time of a bobble head?
A: The turn around time of a bobble head is 7 business days to 2 monthes depending on how rush you need the item. Following is the details of the time frame and delivery+ rush service rates

Standard(2 monthes with proofing)
Slightly Rush (5-6 weeks with proofing)
Rush (3-4 weeks with proofing)
Very Rush (15 business days with proofing) 
Extremely Rush (10 business days without proofing)
Wow, I need it now (7 business days without proofing)
Please keep in mind that the delivery rush service rates are distinguishing from each other and related to the weight of you bobblehead. If you would like to get more details of your rush service rate please check it out on the shopping cart or contact us.
Q: What if I can’t choose the right skin/hair color of the person?
A: No worrying, just choose the similar colors and leave your message on the “ special comment and instruction” box, the artists will make the color as per your instructions and photos.
Q: What if my photos are too big to upload?
A: In this case, please skip the uploading step and send the photos to
Q: How many photos I have to send?
A: One front view and side view photo is preferable. If there are not that many photos available, only a front view photo will be good to go.
Q: I have some special requests on my order
A: If you have any special ideas on the order, just feel free to write them down on the “special comments and instructions” box during the checkout.
Q: Can I change the pose of the bobblehead?
A: Sure, just send us the picture of the post for reference, but it will subject to additional charge of £15, because, in this case, the artist can’t use the premade body and have to sculpt a new body.
Q: Can I change the uniform of the bobblehead?
A: Sure, just send us the picture of the uniform for reference, but change of clothes color will subject to additional charge of £15, because, in this case, the artist can’t use the premade body and have to sculpt a new body with the uniform you request.
Q: Can I add an accessory on the bobblehead?
A: Yes, please write it on your comments and send us a picture for reference. Small items like book, glasses and hats will be free. We only charge for the big accessories like chair, guitar, pets etc.
Q: Can I design the bobblehead from head to toe?
A: Yes, just click the fully custom dolls category and start designing your bobblehead from head to toe.
Q: Do you accept other payment besides Paypal?
A: Other than Paypal, you can also pay your order by credit card. It will be processed at Paypal platform but you DON'T need a Paypal account to complete the payment. Please click here for more info.
Q: How many proofs I will receive?
A: You will receive a complete proof once the sculpture is completed. Normally, 95% of the customers will give their approval on the first proof. During the sculpture of the personalized bobblehead, our artist will send you the Head Proof, Body Proof and Finished Proof to get your approval for the next step. So please check the inbox of your email account regularly after purchasing.
Q: Can I make change on the proof?
A: If you are dissatisfied with it, just point out what’s makes the bobblehead doesn’t look like the real person, we will make the modification as per your comments, and send you new proofs, till you are satisfied with the item.
Q: How long is the shipping time?
A: It depends on your locations. Normally the shipping time is 1-2 days. Logistic speed will slow down 1-2 days during the Christmas sales peaks ( Dec 15th - Dec 25th )
Q: Can I combine the shipment if I place multiple orders?
A: Yes, just inform us with your order#, we will pack the items in the same package and ship to the same address.
Q: What if the bobblehead got broken when it arrives at my door?
A: We have an very low incident rate of breakage. Each bobblehead is carefully wrapped by PEP foam film and packed in a foam protected hard box.
Q: What’s the price of a bobblehead?
A: The price of single bobblehead starts at £49 and double bobbleheads start at £98.
Q: Can I get a discount for bulk order?
A: As all the bobbleheads are handmade, not produced by machine, we only offer discount on orders of 10+ units.